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Winning with Bubble Mailers

The basic concept of the bubble mailer was invented and patented in 1950 by Alfred Fielding, Marc Chavannes and Sealed Air Corporation. The development of the bubble mailer was considered a sensation. It represented a revolutionary durable, waterproof packaging, that was cost-effective, puncture resistant, cushioned, and easy to ship.

Because the orignal patent expired Sunuku and other manufacturers are able to manufacture and market bubble mailers at much lower prices because there are no patent royalties.

Combining lower prices with the growth of internet commerce, an ever growing number of smart businesses are using bubble mailers. In particular, bubble mailers are gaining market share relative to card-board boxes.

Bubble mailers offer the following advantages over card board boxes:

  • Save on shipping costs: Anything packed in a bubble mailer is likely to occupy less volume and less wight than a card board box packing. When you have hundreds of packages to be shipped out every month you are likely see significant savings in your shipping costs as carriers calculate the freight on the volumetric weight.
  • Ease of packaging: Bubble mailers come with self sealing peel off strips saving you the trouble of buying and sealing using a tape. You also save time when you pack in a bubble mailer as compared to a cardboard box.
  • The cost of a Sunuku bubble mailer is about 80 percent less than a card box box.
  • The time required to ship a product with a bubble mailer is about 80 percent less than with a card box box because it does not require pre and post folding, taping, and cushioning.
  • Safety of your product: Your product travels in a cushioned space in complete safety to its destination.